How to Form an LLC in California

1.Choose a Name for Your California LLC. The business name cannot be the same as, or too similar to, an existing name in the California Secretary of State records. Check the California SOS website for similar names.

2.Choose a Registered Agent. The agent may be a member, manager, or officer of the LLC, but doesn't need to be affiliated with the LLC.

3.File Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State. The articles must include the LLC's name, its purpose, information on how it will be managed, its address, and the name and address of its registered agent. The filing fee is $70. Form LLC-1

4.Prepare an Operating Agreement (optional)

5.File a Statement of Information With the Secretary of State. Every California and foreign LLC registered in California must file a Statement of Information, Form LLC-12, with the California Secretary of State within 90 days after filing their articles of organization. Thereafter, a Statement of Information must be filed every two years. The filing period is the calendar month when the original articles of organization were filed and the prior five calendar months. You can file the statement online or print it out and mail or hand deliver it to the California Secretary of State. The filing fee is $20.

6.Pay Your California State Tax Obligations. File form 568 for annual tax.

7.Comply With Other Tax and Regulatory Requirements. Federal EIN, business licenses, employer and sales taxes, etc.

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